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Meagan Clark
Amazing flavor!

I find that this is by far the most flavorful beef. The ground beef is great for tacos and burgers on the grill. The steak is so tender, It makes it hard to go to a restaurant to order a steak off the menu because of the flavor can not even compare.

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T-Bone Steak -American Wagyu

T-Bone Steak -American Wagyu

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Can’t decide between a Strip Steak or a Tenderloin? Get the best of both worlds with this cut featuring a juicy, beefy strip cut on one side and a tender filet on the other side. 
Our T-Bone is 1.4-1.7 lbs, cut at 1 1/4 thick. 

Available in our Gold and Silver Grades                                                                        Gold Grade: Prime to Prime+                                                                                                Silver Grade: Choice+ to Prime

• Dry aged approximately 14-21 days
• Pasture raised
• Processed and vacuumed sealed at USDA inspected facility 
• Grass fed, grain finished
• Raised in Vermont
• No added hormones 
• No antibiotics
• Eco friendly shipping materials 


All beef is shipped frozen with dry ice in our eco-friendly shipping materials and will arrive frozen/partially frozen/chilled.



Shipping Information

There is a minimum order cost of $99 to ship. Our shipments go out on Tuesdays, so please have your order in by Monday or it will be shipped the following week. For more shipping information see our Shipping Info page.

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  • Our Shipments

    We ship our flavorful, premium cuts in eco-friendly packaging materials from our family farm in Vermont to your front porch. Never be disappointed again by the lack of quality beef at your local supermarket!

  • Farm Fresh Vermont Wagyu

    Enjoy American Wagyu beef raised in the rich, green, scenic pastures of Vermont. Savor our juicy, mouth-watering beef that reflects the superior quality that Vermont products are known for.

Tips on Preperation

Take your thawed steak out of the refrigerator 30-60 minutes before cooking to reach room temperature. Never use a microwave! This process will help the steak cook more evenly. Salt both sides of the steak to create a crispy, flavorful sear. There is no need for heavy seasonings or marinades as they will only bury the sweet, juicy flavor of the beef. Most will agree that Wagyu beef is best enjoyed medium-rare but that's up to you. And be sure to avoid over cooking or the steak will lose all the marbled fat and the meat will become tough. 

Nothing Beats A Pan-Fried Steak

Use caution when cooking Wagyu beef on a grill. The steak will lose it’s buttery fat and it will drip into the grill causing flare-ups. This can unevenly cook the steak or cause it to burn. Remember, the fat marbling is what gives Wagyu beef most of its flavor. For that reason, we prefer to panfry our Wagyu steaks in order to preserve the rich, flavorful marbling. Our favorite method of preparing Wagyu steak is using a combination of a cast iron pan and the oven. We pan-sear a 1lb. 1 inch thick steak in a lightly oiled cast iron pan for no more than 2 minutes on each side on med-high heat. The cast iron pan is then transferred to the oven preheated to 35f for about 8 minutes.

But How Long?

Since heating on stoves and ovens may vary, meat thermometers can be very useful in achieving the desired temperature of your steak. See our steak temperature chart to find your perfect temperature. Last, but not least, before cutting or poking, remember to let your steak rest for 5-10 minutes to allow the delicious beefy juices time to reabsorb into the meat. Now you’re ready to cook that beautiful piece of meat! Enjoy!