About Us


You can find Sheldon Creek Farms settled in the lush, rolling hills of Sheldon, Vermont. Beautiful mountain and river views paint a dreamy countryside scene that you will want to visit again and again.

Farming has been a way of life for some in the McEnany family since the early 1900s. Originally established as a dairy farm, the family decided to transition to raising Hereford beef cattle in the 1980s. Kalin McEnany makes up the 4th generation of those caring for cattle in his family. From an early age, he enjoyed accompanying his grandfather to help with farm chores. In his early teens, it was clear that farming ran in his blood as he began raising a group of cattle on his own.

When Kalin reached his early twenties, he continued to pursue his interest in farming and purchased his first group of Angus cattle. He sold his delicious beef to family and friends and quickly developed a customer following. That is when Sheldon Creek Farms was born.

Wanting to produce an even higher quality of beef, Kalin was drawn to the Wagyu breed known for its intense marbling and incredible tenderness. In 2015, Kalin pursued his ambition for producing a higher grade of beef and began raising American Wagyu. After processing his first American Wagyu steer, Kalin and his family were so impressed with the mouthwatering flavor, they could not wait to share it with others. Soon there was a demand for this tasty beef and several local markets began selling it.

After some time, the original barn that had been used for generations in the family needed to be replaced. Kalin, along with his brother and nephew, got to work and constructed a new post and beam barn with most of the timber being harvested from the farm property. A stunning monitor-style barn that had been sketched on paper years ago finally came to life in 2018.

Alongside Kalin, his wife, Danielle, and their two children help out on the farm as much as possible. Their family strongly believes in teaching young ones good work ethics and they feel there's no better setting to instill moral values than on a farm. Giving their children farm chores help teach responsibility and that it's fulfilling to accomplish hard work.

Sheldon Creek Farm’s mission is to provide their friends and neighbors with a superior quality beef that’s natural, local, and thoughtfully raised. When the family is not busy with farm and garden work, you can find them hunting and fishing, taking utv trail rides, spending time at the lake, and having bonfires by the river.