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Welcome to Sheldon Creek Farms! We are the McEnanys – fourth generation farmers in Sheldon, Vermont. Our farm originally operated as a dairy farm until the late 1980’s and at that point the family transitioned into raising beef. Our farm is located on 120 acres and we have 40-50 beef cattle grazing on rotated pastures. We are passionate about our animals and provide a happy, humane life for them on our farm!

Our goal is to provide a high quality, natural product from our family farm to your table.

We follow organic standards. We do not use antibiotics or hormones and our land is not treated with pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides. Choose 100% grass fed and finished or grass fed and grain finished. All of our beef is inspected and packaged at a USDA facility.

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Our Features

Our Features


Superior in marbling and texture, delivering unmatched flavor and tenderness.


Choose Angus beef for delicious flavor and tenderness. 100% grass fed or grass fed-grain finished.


Know where your food comes from. Enjoy a distinctive and personal experience with local farmers by choosing our beef.

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